Children and Loved Ones Safety

Children and Loved Ones Safety

Your Kids’ and Pets’ Safety are Our Priority

Our window coverings are equipped with approved shrouded chains or with an option to motorize to ensure your child safety. Certain coverings such as Zebra or Roller Blinds are available with both options, while our vertical and faux wood blinds are completely cordless with wand operations.

Child Safety Checklist for All Types
of Window Coverings

Ensure cribs are placed at a safe distance from windows.

Move all furniture away from windows. Children tend to climb on low standing furniture.

Keep or hang all window covering cords out of the reach of children by using hooks or cleats.

Cut the tasseled pull cords as short as possible.

Attention Parents and Care Givers:

Always install cordless or motorised window blinds or shades in your home for your loved ones’ safety.
If you are unable to install the new cordless coverings, please go through the check list to ensure their safety.

Bug Screens

Bug Screens CANNOT protect children from falling out of windows. These screens are to prevent bugs from entering your home and are not safety screens. Always install safety bars to protect your loved ones. Keep your children away from open windows.